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Duplication Oils

Famous perfume duplications for women

Angel Eternity LizClaiborne Poison
Beautiful Giorgio L'Air DuTemp Realm
Bijon Halston Obsession Red Door
Chanel #5 Happy Opium Shalimar
Chole Knowing Paris Tommy Girl
CK1 Lauren Passion Tucscany
CKBe    Paloma Picasco   Spellbound   Pleasures   Private Collection  Oscar de la Renta 
Famous scent duplications for men
Aqua de Gio Calvin Giorgio Paul Sebastian
Aramis   Halston Polo
Armani Drakkar Joop Realm
Bijon Eternity Obsession Tommy Hilfiger
1/4 oz. $9.00   1/ 2   oz. $15.00   1 oz. $26.50   2 oz. $43.00     4 oz. $73.00     8 oz. $135.00

Special Oils

JOJOBA OIL makes an ideal carrier for essential oils because it does not become rancid. It is also excellent for hair care or as a hair oil base to help stimulate growth.

2.5 fl. oz. - $12.50                 4.6 fl. oz. - $23.00            9.6 fl. oz. - $40.00        


TEA TREE OIL is ideal for home remedy in any aromatherapy first aid kit. It has a wide range of action and low toxicity. It has been used for centuries for itís healing abilities. Helps heal and prevents scarring on all manner of burns, cuts,bites and is excellent for the mouth as it also provides a slight numbing effect.

1 fl oz. - $ 11.50      2 fl. oz. - $19.50        4 fl. oz. - $35.00

VITAMIN E OIL provides 15,000 IU per ounce and many have used it for burns and scars with great satisfaction. It can be added to any oil or lotion.

1/4 fl. oz. - $7.50     1/2 fl. oz. -$10.50    1 fl. oz. -  $16.50      2 fl. oz. - $26.50